Two Ways to Extend Backgrounds in Photos Using Photoshop

Mainly extending background is sometimes needed when you have a great shot, but the composition was a little off or backdrop was just slightly too small. In this article I’ll show you two option you can extend the backdrop in photoshop with clear results.

Sadly, sometimes things don’t go as planned. You don’t attach the composition, or maybe the backdrop you brought for a shoot is too small. Don’t worry because you can use photoshop to sort it out. Whether you have got a nice clear background to work with, or a series of textures, there are two methods use to fill in the gaps.

All method is useful in its own way, and while there’s no wrong or right when it comes to image editing or photography, there are incident when you might want to using one method over the other. all methods should only take 4-8 minutes, but it depends on your image and editing skill. So take a look at how it’s complete.


First Method: Stretch It Out


So let’s talk method one. The easy way to extend a background is to stretch the canvas to fit. And I like to same my layer so I can fast toggle back & forth between edited version and un-edited original. Pick the marquee tool and make sure rectangular marquee tool is selected. A top left in the toolbar & long press on marquee tool until dropdown of many types of marquee is available and click on the rectangular version.

Create Blur in Photoshop


Firstly I have added to the layer mask by painting black over every part except top backdrop extension. Then I click on the layer thumbnail and head to filter>blur>gaussian blur. Added blurriness as you need here as it depends on how much you have stretched image and whether you are happy with the texture afterward. This photoshop method is okay for photos that have clean backgrounds, or clear blue skies, that can easily be extended and selected.

Second Method: Flip the Photo


Well, try again this, create duplicate the image layer and head to edit> transform > flip vertical. And move the image layer so that the edge of where you need to create duplicate. The edge of the image layer isn’t exactly where you want mirror from you will have to add a mask to the image layer to cut out anything you don’t want, and that’s what I have done here, cutting out the gap where the backdrop ends.

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