Make a Banner ad in Photoshop Easily

This is a article on how to use your object images to make a beautiful banner ad in photoshop. Firstly you design a ad banner in photoshop, you can products images and text as needed for future ad banners. This article shows you the adding an text, image and a button to a ad banner.

This article is written for beginners users. You have never used photoshop before, you should get familiar with the layers concept in photoshop.

Banner ad in photoshop

1. Create a new banner

Go File > New

In the photoshop window that pop up, select “Wed” and enter new dimensions as 350 X 250 pixels. This is standard ad banner sizes. Click on “Create” and a blank image open up.


2. Add a product image into the ad banner

Go to File > Open one of your images that you want to feature in the banner. If you want to change bg-colors in the ad banner then use a product image with transparent background. The background in the screenshot below is photoshop way of showing that it’s transparent background.

Go to window > Arrange > Tile All Vertically in photoshop. This show you the product image and the banner template side by side.

Then click on the Move tool, and click on your product image and drag into the banner. The product now show on you banner. Once your product is on the banner template, you can close product image tab.


3. Image Resize to Fit the Banner

A resize your image so it proper fits the banner, go to Edit > Free Transform. The markers put around your image that you can use to resize you product image. And also move around your product anywhere on the banner. So move and resize it to the position you want.

You also resize using the top bar as shown below mentioned. The image has been resized to 38% of it’s original width and height for it to proper fit in the position I wanted.


4. Change Background Color (Optional)

We are using a image with a blank (transparent) background, we can change the background color to anything we want. Next click on the bg (background) layer in the layers panel on the right bottom of the screen.


5. Background Color

Firstly use the paint bucket tool and anywhere click on the image. The background color to black.


6. Add Text to the Banner

Add to new file and select new layer in right bottom. Click on Text tool and click on the banner you want the text to appear. You will see a text box created you can type you text.


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