Best Free WordPress Plugins SEO Page Builder Security & Contact Form

WordPress is a popular, powerful & fantastic platform for designing and developing websites. All website Designs and structure is user friendly and has seemingly endless functionality. But more thing, everything can’t just be built into your WordPress theme. Worries not-in many cases there’s a plugin for the capability you need. We have put together a list of the best WordPress plugins for your website.

In-built functionality within a WordPress theme isn’t always a bad thing. But having every feature plus the kitchen sink in-built can cause some headaches. For this makes the code is long and complex, which can slow down your website and you often end up with many un-used features that you never needed in the first place. And also, if you ever decide to switch to a new theme you could run into some problems such as losing content for features not supported by your new theme.

Some plugins make it easy to pick and choose the features you need. And plus you can take the featured plugin with you if you ever decided to updated to new WordPress theme. So here’s our list of the best free WordPress plugins grouped by feature.


Page Builder WordPress Plugins


Free plugin – Beaver Builder

The beaver builder plugin is most popular drag and drop website page builder plugin for WordPress. Beaver plugin quickly familiarize yourself with their interface and get started with their built-in onboarding tour. A beaver builder plugin comes with a live drag and drop interface. And all your changes as you added them by simply dragging elements from the right sidebar and dropping them on your web page. You click on any element on a page to edit its properties.

The page builder modules that let you add almost everything you may want including beautiful slider, image carousel, backgrounds, content block, buttons and more.



Free plugin – Elementor Page Builder

The elementor is a affordable and powerful page builder plugin. In this plugin you can easily create custom pages without any coding. And compatible with most themes, the elementor plugin includes tons of page builder block for sections, columns, headings, text section, buttons, slideshow, video and more plus templates for faster page building.

This plugin is best ever and we are specially recommend Elementor page builder.



SEO WordPress Plugins


Free Plugin – Yoast SEO

The yoast SEO is a one of the most popular and free plugin. The yoast is a free alternative for setting up your onsite page SEO. In this plugin adds an SEO tab to your WordPress dashboard panel so you can make changes quickly to your titles, sitemap, meta description and meta tags, breadcrumbs, and more. This is a free version of the plugin is a very powerful tool for blog and website optimization setting first priority support.



Free Plugin – All in One SEO

The All in one SEO pack is a another freemium style plugin. Online support option available in upgrade plan and the free version of the SEO plugin is an awesome way to start your SEO. In this plugin includes AMP options, Google Analytics, Sitemaps, Woo-commerce SEO settings and more.



Contact Form WordPress Plugins


Free Plugin – Contact Form 7

The contact form 7 is a one of the famous free plugin. It creates lovely and straightforward contact form with fields like user name, subject, and message. And you can enable user email confirmations. Mostly people are using contact form 7 plugin in WordPress website.



Free Plugin – WPForms

The WP Forms is a famous and powerful form builder plugin with many options for building booking forms, contact forms, quote, subscription forms, request and more. And you can get free WPForms Lite from WordPress.org to stat building your responsive form, with option to upgrade later on if you want more powerful features.


Web Security WordPress Plugins


Free Plugin – WordFence Security

The WordFence is a most popular and downloaded WordPress security plugin. It is a powerful, full-featured and updated security plugin for WordPress. The WordFence plugin provides protection from malware, malicious traffic, hacking and more features that make word-fence one of the most powerful WordPress security plugin.


Some WordFence features and WordPress Security

WordPress Firewall
Blocking Features
Login Security
Multi-Site Security
Security Scanning
IPv6 Compatible


Free Plugin – Sucuri Security

The Sucuri Security plugin is a well-known authority in the WordPress industry and website security, their security plugin is a scanning and monitoring tool for WordPress.

In this free Security plugin has four main features: Remote Malware Scanner, Security Activity Auditing, Overall WordPress Security Hardening and File Integrity Monitoring.

A free WordPress security plugin is meant for experienced developers and user as it requires an understanding of web codes and files.



Free Plugin – Security Ninja

The Security Ninja plugin uses over 51+ security tests to make sure your WordPress website stays safe. A security plugin reviews your website for weak-points and helps you take preventative measures, debug mode, own code snippets to make fixes easy. If you want even more website protection the developers offered a pro version to more help in keeping your website safe.


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